Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Big video from Radian6 and news too.

da If you’ve been long time reader (thanks, Mom), you may have noticed that I don’t blog much about my work. Kind of like the separation of church and state. Actually in the past, I worked for a company that didn’t really appreciate blogging. But now at Radian6, there is obviously a strong understanding of the benefits of blogging in social media. Many of the principals like CEO Marcel LeBrun and VP of Marketing and community David Alston blog. In fact, I highly recommend Marcel’s blog, Media Philosopher, and David’s TweetPR. Also, don’t forget Amber Naslund’s very popular Altitude Branding.

Now on to the lead. We’ve got a new release coming out shortly at Radian6. It’s pretty major and we think our customers will be quite pleased. The multi-talented David Alston even created a song and video, summoning the great Johnny Cache.

Sing along!

There's a new release a comin'
It's coming round the bend,
Developments seen no sunshine,
since, I don't know when,
New slice'n dice'n features,
all part of the plan,
Unleash those analytics,
oh you know you can.

Mama always told me,
listen's number one,
And comments are the building blocks of con-ver-sation.
Yes posts they are important,
but so are replies,
Now when you see something go viral, you'll know completely why.

I bet there's people speakin' bout their favorite brands out there,
They're probably asking questions & hoping that you'd share,
Source tagging is coming,
and organized you'll be,
So let those people keep a talkin'
You'll have the history.

Well if we freed you from the dashboard,
And if emails all you had,
Real-time notifications wouldn't be that bad,
You'd know all the conversations,
no matter time of day,
And you'd monitor social media,
cause you had a way.

Ok, so what’s the Twitter angle? We shared the link to the video and it seemed like everyone loved it!


Over 30 people retweeted it.


And many people gave it a digg! You can too. Or check out more photos of David singing. As you can see, we have a lot of fun at Radian6.

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