Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daniela by the Numbers

A lot of great things have already been written by many people like about the exciting fundraising that the Twitter community experienced Tuesday night when David Armano asked his friends and community for a favor.


Many great posts have been written about that night, the impact of social capital and how Twitter’s community changed. I found Kate Niederhoffer’s post Re-tweeting Altruism: also altruistic and Scott Drummond’s How is your relationship balance sheet, especially insightful. I will leave the community insights to those experts.  Instead as the true analytic that I am, I will focus on some of the numbers that helped to drive those impressive results. So let’s start with the big picture:  512 contributors donated $16,020, an average of $31 per donation.  The Armano’s exceeded their modest goal in less than 2 hours!

Let’s take a look at the work behind that.

  • The tweet above was retweeted 226 times.
  • Traffic to Armano’s Logic + Emotion blog increased almost 10X
  • The blog post received 141 comments, about 10X more than usual.
  • The blog post received 224 diggs, received 25 comments there and made it to the front page.
  • The tweet asking to help digg the post was retweeted 42 times.
  • The link to the digg page was clicked 410 times.
  • Some of us created our own blog posts about Daniela.  Mine received 110 clicks from Twitter.
  • Armano’s post came out of nowhere to be the 8th most popular Daniela page on Google out of 42M.


All of these activities resulted in this.


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@ScottyHendo said...

You've done a great job capturing the metrics to #Daniela. I thought you might like to see my post on the personal side of the story:

Helping Our Neighbors: Further Thoughts on the Armano Family's Act of Charity