Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Halftime tweet

We've gotten pretty blase lately about all of the actors, athletes, politicians and comedians on Twitter. After all who wants to be the 24,315th follower of a person who only follows his 23 friends and doesn't respond. Of course, there are exceptions like Shaquille O'Neal who not only became a Twitter evangelist, but actually seems to enjoy tweeting with his fans.

Charlie Villanueva seems to have learned from the Big Diesel as well. Like Shaq, he can't seem to get enough of Twitter and loves to tweet with his fans. As an example, here he responds to Red Sox blogger and big UCONN fan Tim Daloisio after Syracuse beat UCONN in the epic 6 Overtime Big East playoff game.

Villanueva is so addicted to Twitter, that it recently got him into some hot water with this tweet.

At halftime of a game between Villanueva's Bucks and the World Champion Celtics, he couldn't wait to tweet. Unfortunately, Coach Scott Skiles was not amused. "We made a point to Charlie and the team that it's nothing we ever want to happen again," Skiles said after practice Tuesday."You know, [we] don't want to blow it out of proportion. But anything that gives the impression that we're not serious and focused at all times is not the correct way we want to go about our business."

As you can see, CV31 has had to face the heat.

Villanueva’s teammate Andrew Bogut has even gotten into the act.

Too bad, Alvin Gentry is the coach of the Suns, not the Bucks. He would probably be more tweet-amenable. Do you think it's cool that players are so "addicted" to Twitter that they are tweeting during games or is it just another distraction that shows that players are not as serious and dedicated as they should be. For me, I wish more athletes and other entertainers were like Villanueva and embraced Twitter as a two-way conversation with their fans.