Saturday, February 7, 2009

More people tweet with mobile than desktop

Mashable published a study showing the 10 most popular Twitter clients and the percentage of users posting from each service based on data from Twitstat. These 10 applications below represent over 70% of all usage.

Rank Client % Users Category
1 Web 29.57% Web
2 Tweetdeck 10.58% Desktop
3 Twitterfeed   5.54% Utility
4 Twhirl   4.92% Desktop
5 Twitterrific   3.79% Mobile
6 Tweetie   3.65% Mobile
7 Text   3.40% Mobile
8 Mobile web   3.00% Mobile
9 TwitterFon   2.96% Mobile
10 TwitPic   2.94% Utility

Some interesting conclusions when you group the data by category:

Rank Category % Users
1 Web 29.57%
2 Mobile 16.80%
3 Desktop 15.50%
4 Utility 8.48%

So more people use Twitter from their phone than from the desktop. Interesting! Are you surprised by that?  How do you usually tweet? Please answer in the comments.


Albert Maruggi said...

about half and half - I use the Halo client when mobile and either Twitter or Tweetdeck on the desktop

topgold said...

The data are suspect. I often use the full website when posting from my Nokia E90.

Linnet 'innit?' said...

Speaking as one who only tweets from my PC but using a GPRS3 USB dongle from the local mobile phone company for my Internet connection, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that I was included in the mobile statistics, giving the erroneous impression that I was using a mobile device to tweet on and receive my tweets... this may be a spurious statistic...

@brmbds said...

I use both mobile and laptop but c 80% from mobile Nokia E71. Various clients dabr, Twibble, full and mobile Twitter

Warren said...

I actually split my Twitter time between: Twitter, Tweetdeck and Tweetie depending on where I am.

Although there may be some issues with data integrity as a few people suggested, I think all platforms/ clients are equally affected. Thus, the trends are probably accurate. And about 2/3 of the mobile use is via iPhone.

Mr. R said...

I believe that is when I finally understood what twitter was all about-when I installed the twitterberry app on my BB. I've been hooked sinced then.


Anonymous said...

Twitteriffic is both a desktop & mobile client - adding the 3.7% all onto Mobile is inaccurate. Even taking 50/50 split on Twitteriffic results in a higher % for desktop app usage, which kind of makes this blog post a bit pointless.

Jag said...

Thanks for the information just tweeted it :)

Zena said...

Thanks for the summary post. Good stuff! I'm mostly tweeting away on tweetdeck, a little mobile web and some SMS.