Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Power of Surprise

Andy Nulman is pretty creative. President of Airborne Mobile and founder of Montreal’s fantastic Just for Laughs International Comedy festival (okay, Camille Laurin and the language cops, Juste pour rire), is known for using surprise as a powerful component of any marketing campaign. His current campaign to build awareness of his new book is a perfect example. Andy is giving away 200 free copies of POW! Right Between the Eyes: Profiting from the Power of Surprise, to any blogger that writes a post and asks for it. I learned about the offer from my friend and amazing marketer himself, Saul Colt on his inspiring marketing blog.


Andy seems like another Andy that I’m friendly with, Andy Sernovitz, who always recommends doing memorable, surprising actions as part of your word of mouth marketing strategy. Seem like two peas (or Andy’s) in a pod, don’t they? As a fellow McGill grad, I certainly want to see Andy Nulman do well. That’s why I have some advice for the surprise guru, from the Twittermaven



Great campaign, but where’s Twitter? Ok, there was one tweet, but a great campaign like this deserves better treatment on Twitter. Let’s spread the word and get some retweet’s going!