Sunday, September 14, 2008

Internet Marketing Conference Vancouver

Friday I spoke at the Internet Marketing Conference presented by Lars Johannson and Lennart Svanberg on a fantastic social media panel with several high-powered social media experts from the US and Canada. Patrick Schwerdtfeger of Tactical Execution moderated the panel that also included, William Azaroff of Vancity, Jacqueline Voci of SoyaMarketing, Julie Wisdom of Babcock and Jenkins.  A full house sat in on a great lively workshop.  We discussed a variety of social media topics, from community, to PR, video, blogging, and of course, Twitter. I think my passion for Twitter even recruited a few new members to the Twitter community.  If you were at the workshop, please leave a comment.   It was a great workshop that I think everyone got a lot out of.

There were many people who live-blogged the conference, including Raquel Hirsch of WiderFunnel, Rebecca Bollwit of Miss604, and Monique Trottier of BoxcarMarketing, but one thing that surprised me was the lack of Twittering.  In fact, I think that I was the only one. That's a situation that I have never been in at a conference. Although I learned a lot at the conference, especially from Zaaz Chief Analytics and Optimization Officer, Jason Burby's presentation, the lack of the Twitter back channel and interaction with other attendees really was missed.