Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do we hate spam that much?

Greetings from my summer office in Mashpee, MA.  Well, it would be nice to stay at New Seabury all summer, but I guess I'll have to make do with a week.  The beach is great, but the itch to blog is greater, so here is a quick post.  I'm sure glad that Starbucks is giving me 2 free hours for my overpriced, under-flavored Pike Place drip.  Anyhow, a great article from twitter bud, Jennifer Leggio, writing about Twitter's new anti-spam efforts.  I applaud Biz for taking an aggressive stance in his on-going battle with bots that follow way too many people.  In fact, I've written about spammers and bad corporate twitter practice several times.  However, it seems that Twitter's indiscriminate new policy's have affected innocent, power-users. Twitter rockstar and bonafide friend to all, Chris Brogan, has been limited in adding followers.

As Chris Penn tweeted this morning, "Twitter needs to get their stuff together. capping Chris Brogan means effectively capping his conversations, so what good is it?"

None of us want to see DarkSideSports and 24hBerlin (2 recent followers) show up in their twitter stream, but to stop them at the expense of Chris Brogan and ComcastCares, I don't think so.

Ok, the itch is scratched, so it's back to the beach.  But I'm sure I'll be back soon!