Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tuned in to Twitter

Earlier this week I discovered @amazonmp3, a twitter account that offers 2 daily deals--album downloads on sale each day. For example, today Coldplay’s Parachutes is on sale for $1.99. We all love music, so wouldn’t the twitter platform be a great way for artists to engage in conversation with their fans. It turns out that there are quite a few musicians of almost every genre that have a presence on twitter.

Assuming there are no identity issues, you can find:

simonlittle, cage9, ylove , rogermcguinn, dallaswtaylor , mchammer, snoopdogg,

Also, a couple of industry notables, Ethan Kaplan, VP of technology at Warner Brothers Records and Bill Palmer, Publisher of iProng Magazine.

In addition to the artists, some of the online music services are active on twitter. Pandora has an active twitter account with over 1300 followers run by Lucia, their community manager. does not have a twitter account, but they do have a twitter group on their community site with over 450 members. And finally, Songza enables you to share a link on twitter to the song you are listening to.