Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday night, Twitter was the winner

Tuesday was a very exciting evening with the final primary results and all of the candidate speeches. But what made it so dramatic for me was the conversation in the twitter community. These national events demonstrate the value of twitter and strength of its community. There were over 1500 Obama oriented tweets according to Summize (over 100 pages). Forrester’s Jeremiah Owyang wrote a tremendous piece in his Web Strategy blog today that includes several interesting charts and graphs of twitter activity all using a diverse set of free twitter tools (a subject for another day). Clearly, twitter land is Obama country. . But regardless of your candidate, it was a fun night. The banter, the insight, the blog links was fantastic. At the end of the night, most people tweeted that their hands hurt from too much typing. We’ve experienced this fun before during the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, and even Super Tuesday. Each time, I’ve walked away, thinking wow, that was a blast. Twittering during a big national event, is like watching the event with your family, in your living room and as Jeff Pulver says, in your social media living room.

And even with the increased volume, twitter never hiccupped, Fudgie the whale never arrived. As described earlier, it was a great night--twitter was the big winner!