Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some big milestones

This past week, a few of my Boston-based Twitter friends had some significant milestones. No, I’m not talking about the Celtics 17th, although that was a great victory and Twitter was rockin’ with the Celts on Tuesday night. Seriously, Gradon Tripp and Aaron Strout, each passed 5000 tweets. Aaron was very conscious of this milestone and as a result was pretty cautious about what he would say on his 5000th tweet. However, a prolific tweeter like Aaron could not stop the twitter flow. To prepare for his milestone, he started sending out direct tweets and which don’t count in the tweet stats and went on a “Twitter fast”. But the vow of silence only lasted about 18 hours and now Aaron is well on his way to 10,000! Gradon was a lot more circumspect about the milestone. He writes about it on his new blog. Gradon lists his 10 things that he learned on his way to 5000 tweets- great advice that we all can emulate regardless of how prolific a tweeter we are.

But there were two bigger, more significant career milestones this week. John Cass joined Forrester as Community Manager. John will be working to develop further the company's existing social media strategies for community building, dialogue and customer feedback. With analysts like Jeremiah Owyang, Josh Bernoff, Peter Kim and Charlene Li, I think they are well on their way, but I am sure that John will make a strong contribution.

Social Media Maven, Scott Monty, announced that he was leaving Crayon to become Head of Social Media for Ford. Many of us who know Scott have been fans of his writing, insights and music choices for awhile. As testament to that, Scott received over 70 comments to his blog announcement and numerous tweets of congratulation.

What’s your milestone? And how will you approach it?


Scott Monty said...

Warren, thank you so much for recognizing my milestone. I think John's career move is a perfect one, as it combines his love of technology, marketing and research. He and Forrester will do well together, I'm sure.

And as for Aaron & Gradon - those are indeed remarkable milestones, especially when you consider all of the relationships that have been built and knowledge that has been shared along the way. Well worth it.

Keep up the great work here, and oh, one more thing - I didn't know the Celtics had a Twitter account. ;-)

Aaron Strout said...


Let me echo Dr. Monty's sentiments and thank you for recognizing our respective milestones. In fairness, mine was definitely the least exciting out of the four (have you seen my tweets? lots of mundane/nonsensical kind of stuff). Gradon has much more interesting content AND he wrote a blog post about what he's learned (I still need to go over an comment on his and Scott's blogs btw - I did hit John's late last week).

So, congratulations to friends Gradon, Scott and John. I'd also like to point out that unlike many other folks, I am a big fan of milestones. I'll never unfollow you for telling me that you hit your 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 tweet or that you now have 100, 500 or 1,000 followers. I promise I'll celebrate those milestones with you.

Finally, Warren, you are a social media rock star. You guest blog on the site, you twitter like crazy (and support our local NE teams from the west coast) and keep a fantastic blog here on Twittermaven.

Rock on!

Aaron | @astrout

John Cass said...

Warren, thanks so much for mentioning me in your post. I am excited about joining such a great team.

5,000 tweets, wow that's certainly a milestone to aim for, congratulations to Aaron & Gradon.

And a big cheer for Scott, I think he will do really well in his new role at Ford.

Thanks for all you do in the Twitterverse.