Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Seattle Breakfast with Jeff Pulver

Tweetups can take incredibly different forms from intimate 1:1’s for coffee to big parties like in Boston on Monday night after MarketingProfs B2B event as chronicled by Amanda Gravel and at all different hours. Seattle’s Twitterati had a Social Media Breakfast with Jeff Pulver this morning. Jeff Pulver’s social media breakfasts are not the usual business networking affairs. He seeks to apply Facebook concepts of tagging, the wall, and pokes to the face to face world using labels, and post it notes. Interesting concept and great icebreakers. For example, Amanda Wolfman’s status tag line was “Even my yarn belongs to a social network.” Carter Rabasa’s Flickr photos demonstrate the art of low-tech walls and tagging. Jeff Pulver’s breakfast are well known for the networking, and a unique approach.

Also in attendance were Michael Markman, , Ken Camp , Eric Weaver , Tara Brown , Leigh Fatzinger, Teresa Valdez Klein, Robert Scoble, Eric Bento, Lacy Kemp and Brian Eisenberg .

Seattle’s social media community has a couple of other upcoming events, Bar Camp Seattle organized by Tara Brown and the Podcamp Seattle on June 21st organized by Eric Weaver. I hope to see everyone there.