Monday, June 2, 2008

Rules to abide by

Michael Brito is a Social Media Evangelist at Intel. It sounds like a fabulous job, by the way. He has written a great Twitter manifesto that lays out appropriate rules for Twitter etiquette and behavior that he abides by. Some great tips include:
  • Don’t expect the people you are following to follow you.
  • Participate.
  • Reply.
  • Minimize self promotion.
I think we can all benefit by following @Britopian, both on Twitter and in behavior. I certainly agree with these principles. Congratulations @britopian on a job well done!

A few other rules have been written by noted Twitterers, David Berkowitz, Reflections on a Milestone and Robert Scoble who wrote 10 Rules not to follow. All great rules to tweet by.


Weave said...

I would add "Recognize it's forever." Don't say anything you wouldn't want archived forever, because it will be. Something to consider with every tweet!

Warren said...

Sage advice, you don't want to leave any lasting internet memories now! My Mom would always say, think before you speak. Now it's think before you tweet!