Saturday, June 14, 2008

From the late show last night

Last night Deb Micek and Warren Whitlock of Twitter Handbook held a webinar on the Blog Talk Radio Show:

Topic: Twitter Applications (AKA: “Twitter Apps”)
What’s YOUR Favoriate App?

Blog Talk Radio Show on Twitter

It was a very informative show for new twitter users who learned a lot about some of the nuances of twitter such as the use of the @, direct messages, and hashtags. In fact, a hashtag was set up for the call, #th3, where you can see the twitter transcription. Notable contributors to the webinar were Corvida of ReadWriteWeb and noted twitter power user, Wayne Sutton.

Attendees learned about some of the more useful twitter tools that we take for granted like the aforementioned Twemes. Summize which was mentioned on Twittermaven last week was also discussed in some detail as well as several of the desktop and mobile twitter clients. My favorite, Twhirl, was described quite a bit.

It was a great webinar for beginning twitter users to learn more about how to get much more out of the tool and community. Unfortunately, the start time (8 PM Pacific) and duration probably limited the number of east coasters who could attend.


wayne sutton said...

Thanks for the blog post, I enjoyed sharing twitter information via the podcast. Also I'm looking forward to the twitter handbook.

Take care and I'll see you on twitter.

I'm @waynesutton on twitter and I follow the twittermaven