Saturday, December 26, 2009

Can you believe these are the Top Twitter users?

The recent People magazine (makes time on the elliptical at the gym go faster) lists the ten most followed people on Twitter. Quite a surprise to me, maybe even a shock.

Celebrity Number of Followers
Ashton Kutcher 4,091,518
Britney Spears 3,942,948
Ellen DeGeneres 3,868,521
Barack Obama 2,829,240
Oprah Winfrey 2,757,922
John Mayer 2,723,642
Ryan Seacrest 2,688,172
Kim Kardashian 2,664,702
Shaquille O’Neal 2,626,098
Ashley Tisdale 2,374,478

All I can say is yecch! I don’t follow any of these people, although I followed Shaq when he first joined Twitter.  Where are all the tech and social media people? Thanks to the controversial suggested user list, Pete Cashmore of Mashable has over 1.8M followers. But Scoble, just 107K and social media Trust Agent, Chris Brogan, 113K. 

What does this all mean? I think we can definitely say, it is another indication that Twitter is today mainstream. Twitter has certainly distanced itself from its tech and social media community origins. But has it jumped the shark?  Is this list and the followers behind it representative of today’s twitter? And finally, do you think it’s a good thing.



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