Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When’s the G7 Tweetup?

Inspired by Barack Obama’s success on Twitter and to a lesser degree, Gordon Brown, world leader’s are jumping on Twitter. Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd joined Twitter last week. In fact, the PM claimed that so many followers joined, that his Twitter page crashed. Obviously, that seems pretty dubious in light of the fact that Al Gore joined Twitter and amassed over 5000 followers in an hour.

The most recent entrant is former Israeli Prime Minister and Likud Party leader, Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu tweets in hebrew, but a new cool Twitter feature in search will translate all of his tweets with a click. Netanyahu has even copied Obama’s website style, it’s colors, fonts, videos, and icons.


Having witnessed the power of the web in the US presidential election campaign, world leaders are engaged in a high-tech arms race to win the hearts and minds of switched-on citizens. So friends to the north, where is Stephen Harper?

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Michael Cayley said...

Very good question. Why no social media in politics in Canada?

Mack D. Male said...

Stephen Harper is on Twitter, as are a number of other Canadian politicians. See my post here:

Harper is @pmharper and @premierministre.

Ari Herzog said...

Thanks for pointing me to Netanyahu. I sent him a message a few minutes ago; seems he replied to one person in entire feed: an Israeli employee at Microsoft, so tweeted to him, too.