Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Communicators

I found this fascinating article about Twitter today from Aaron Uhrmacher on his blog  today where he has put together a comprehensive guide to Twitter for PR professionals, but it will benefit anyone.  It includes:

  • Videos

  • Getting Started

  • Desktop Tools for Updating Twitter

  • Create Your Own Twitter Background

  • Applications

  • 90+ URL Shortening Services (via Mashable)

  • Listening/Finding Conversations

  • Twitter Directories

  • Tutorials

  • Twitter on other social networking sites

  • Other Microblogging Platforms

  • Case Studies

  • Journalists on Twitter

  • Following Conversation Threads

  • Statistics

  • Recent Articles/Posts Worth Reading

  • The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Communicators, Nov 2008

You should read the whole article.


Aaron Uhrmacher said...

Thanks for linking to my post/guide. Your posts on this blog certainly helped me to find and evaluate many of the applications I included. No doubt you are the Twitter "maven."