Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Re-introducing Twitter

My friend, Aaron Strout, just celebrated his 10,000 Tweet by tweeting his top 10 Social Media lessons learned as he approached 10K.  Aaron provided some great advice that everyone can benefit from.  A few of his Twitter related tips include:
  • Make sure you spend as much time commenting, responding and reading other people's content as you do creating your own.
  • Every day I a point of calling out others blogs, Twitter updates or FF activity. Remember its all about them, not you!
  • On Twitter be social. Talk about work AND social things. Too much of either can be a turn off.
Thinking about Aaron's tweets, I realized that although I blog about Twitter, I haven't been all that helpful in teaching people about how to use Twitter here. As we all know, although Twitter is very simple to learn and use, it can be difficult to master.  Since much has been written about how to Tweet, I have combed the Twitter ecosystem to find the best advice. I highly recommend each one of these great posts:
 And finally, here is a deck that I presented to Seattle Podcamp, Twitter, What's it all about and why should I use it