Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do you remember your first?

Have you seen MyFirsttweet, a site developed by Noah Brier, that searches the database for a user's first tweet? It's a little buggy, but the concept is sound. What was your first tweet when you started and were in the Ham sandwich phase. From the archives, the first few tweets in history:

The first Tweet in history? From Jack, "just setting up my twttr" and a not very imaginative nor visionary one either. In fact, none of the founders showed much excitement for the revolutionary microblog! About the only thing that one can glean from this is the product's first name was twttr. How very Web 2.0! Now let's look at some other prominent Tweeters?

Anyone can find their first tweet without Well, almost anyone, you'll see. Thanks to Jason Grigsby, there is a simple formula:
  • Go to the Twitter page of the person whose first post you want to see. Take note of their Twitter username.
  • Look for the number of updates in the Stats section in the right column.
  • Take the number of updates and divide it by 20. (There are 20 updates per page).
  • If you have a remainder after the division, add 1 to your result. This is the page number you need.
  • Construct a url using the following syntax:[username]?page=[pagenumber]

  • Load that url in your browser.
  • As an example, for me, since I have updated 4039 times, my first tweet should be located at:
However, it doesn't work! According to Biz,

After playing around with it for awhile, i think the threshold is about 150 pages, so if you have tweeted fewer than 3000 times, you are in luck!

For the rest of us, sorry, keep waiting.

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