Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We're just Mad about Mad Men

Amazing story today about Mad Men. So rich on so many levels. First, for those unaware, fans of AMC's Mad Men had created Twitter accounts in the show's characters names and the characters were tweeting within their personas.  As you can imagine, they were quite popular on Twitter with many followers.  Alan Wolk has a great synopsis of the concept and Twitter impact. But then just as we got used to tweeting Don Draper and receiving fun messages from Peggy Olson, it stopped. Twitter and AMC pulled the accounts as violations of the DMCA. But we're not done yet...No, sensing the value that the show was getting from its characters on Twitter, the decision was reversed and all of the fictional characters' accounts were restoredScott Monty has all of the details in his most recent provocative post. Isn't the whole point of social media to give your customers a voice and understand that you don't own the brand?  There is another story on brandjacking here that I will get to (one day soon), but let's take a look at the brand's popularity impact.  Using Twitter StreamGraphs, you can see how much buzz was generated today.

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