Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Twitter's impact on big brands

Scott Monty wrote about his first big assignment, as Ford's Social Media Czar on his blog today.  Tomorrow is 2009 Model Year Media day, and as we've come to expect from Mr. Monty, he has come up with some innovative ideas. Monty has invited a bunch of bloggers to the event so that they can get the inside scoop on the new cars and write about them for their communities.  So far, nothing new, I know.  But he's not inviting just the car bloggers. Don't worry, they are going.  But so are alot of lifestyle bloggers, people interested in areas like technology, environmental issues, family and luxury. The big Ford event will include:
 I'm sure you recognize these people as they are all very prominent on Twitter. I'm not sure if Scott Monty met these bloggers on Twitter, but I do know that his relationships with each of them was strengthened by Twitter. So based on the relationships that we make on Twitter, we can have an impact on big brands.  Bravo and best of luck! Well done, Scott Monty!