Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Twitter Magic

Tonight while playing around on Twitter, I noticed an interesting tweet from Guy Kawasaki:
I didn't pay much attention honestly.  I thought maybe Guy had a heavy fetish or it was related to the lovely hat and boa set he is now wearing in his Twitter avatar. 11 minutes and 25 answers to Guy's question later, I saw this tweet from Guy:
Obviously, this is great Word of Mouth Marketing for Oriental Trading.  But even better, I know the Oriental VP of Marketing,  Neal Patrick. Unfortunately, Neal doesn't use Twitter nor does his company.  However, I have a feeling that will change soon.  So I connected Guy with Neal on Facebook and sent Guy Neal's email address.  Hopefully, they can help each other out.  More importantly, we saw the magic of the Twitter community with our loosely joined networks.

Now Guy, I do know a great little blog about Twitter that would be an awesome addition to Alltop! What do you think?