Monday, August 11, 2008

Cool Dell event using Twitter

Found this on Lionel Menchaca's Dell blog. The Dell Global Mobility Event has a dedicated Twitter account to enable customers to engage in conversation with Dell during the event. Great use of Twitter, in my opinion!
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Dell Global Mobility Event & Twitter

DM - green I love it when I get to blog about Twitter. Lots of you out there in the blogosphere are aware that we are having a global mobility event tomorrow (Tuesday August 12—register here). We're adding Twitter into the mix to have discussions and answer questions from folks in real-time online the event.
Sound interesting? If so anyone who wants to chat with us from 9am - 10am PDT can go to An even better way to track the conversation tomorrow is through this link on I'll be part of a group that will be an
What: Live event featuring demonstration of a new generation of fresh and innovative designs, extreme power-efficiency and connectivity that will allow users to work anytime, anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coverage Twittermaven, we are pretty psyched about this venture. Hope you will follow us :-)