Monday, August 4, 2008

Back from vacation

Ok, it's been a little quiet as I was out on vacation for a couple of weeks.  Yes, a vacation from twitter as well.  Vacation's are a great way to recharge the batteries and I found that even taking a little break from the twitterverse works wonders.  Some readers may know that I try to catalog any Twitter articles that I find using tags.  Due to the volume of Twitter posts, I compiled over 600 tags.  While on vacation, I realized that the catalog was getting a little unruly, so I have created more categories and reorganized things. As a result, I have created 8 Twitter tags:
  1. Tools - Twitter tools and applications
  2. Twitter101 - Intro to Twitter
  3. Twittersearch - All about searching on Twitter
  4. Twitterpress - Twitter in the mainstream media
  5. Twitterforgood - The use of Twitter for social good
  6. Twitterspam - Antispam efforts
  7. Twitterbrands - Brands on Twitter
  8. General Twitter - The remaining catch-all
Each tag is posted in the Catalog of Twitter stories from Delicious section on the blog.  How else should I organize the posts? Are there any other tags that you would recommend?