Saturday, May 16, 2009

WOMMA rocks South Beach: Inside the numbers

I returned from a great WOMM U. social media and word of mouth marketing training event put on by WOMMA in South Beach. It was a great event and I got to lead a few workshops on Twitter. You can find those presentations, Ninja and Grandmaster. We’ve all experienced how Twitter enhances events via note-taking, sharing, reporting, and meeting others and that was certainly in evidence here. John Moore did a great job organizing and curating the conference tweets. Using our Radian6 listening platform, I hope to show some of the analytics behind it. There were 2035 posts dedicated to the conference over the last week.

topic trends

As expected, traffic spiked during the two days of the conference, peaking at 458 posts on Thursday, 5/14 with just a few less, 426 on Wednesday, 5/13. Of the 2035 posts, the majority, 95% were tweets. The remaining conversation took place in blogs, videos (mainly from Co-Brandit) and pictures (primarily from Josh Hallett). There were 432 retweets, with the majority occurring on the two conference days (157 on Wednesday and 214 on Thursday).

You can see a sample of the detailed posts below.

womma ron

The tag cloud below shows the most popular subjects on Thursday’s busy day.

topic cloud day 2

As you can see, Facebook, Myspace and Disney were popular presentations. The trend chart below shows the most active conference conversations as Yelp’s presentation was most popular on Day 1 and then the big three of Facebook, Myspace and Disney made up 69% of the activity on Day 2.

top 5 tweets

To better understand why Facebook was the most popular subject, please read John Bell’s excellent blog about the MySpace and Facebook face-off presentation, providing great insight into how marketers can work the platforms.

I loved the WOMM U conference, and as you can see from the graphs, so did the other attendees.

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