Thursday, March 19, 2009

Socialmedia Soiree

One of the great things about Twitter is the ability to find so many people that have similar interests. As a result, I have been able to indulge in all of my hobbies and interests and expand all of my networks. In fact, when I realized this, Twitter just took off for me. I followed Social Media people, local Seattle people, Boston (and Red Sox) people, and Food & Wine people. And a tool like Tweetdeck enables me to keep everything straight. One of my first foodie Twitter friends was Deb Puchalla or as she was known then, EverydayFoodDeb. Deb was the Executive Editor of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine. We had a lot of fun tweeting about cooking, restaurants, chefs and even social media. Deb even gave me some inside tips on making a successful Thanksgiving dinner. Deb has recently left Martha Stewart Living to join Scripps in a leadership role in digital media.

In honor of Deb's big move, Kay Ballard and Rebecca Regnier have organized a Virtual Tweet-up and Webcast Sunday night, March 22nd at 9pm EDT. It promises to put the ”social” into social media as new media mavens attend what’s being billed as the first Social Media Soiree in honor of former Martha Stewart editor Deb Puchalla. The bash will use both Twitter and Webinar. It’s called The Social Media Soiree and it is poised to be a virtual event to remember because the entire Twitterverse is invited. Twitter has always inspired innovative programs like the Twebinar and I am sure the Social Media Soiree will join it as another memorable event.

“Nothing’s better than getting together with the coolest people on the net from the privacy of your own laptop,—and you don’t even need a designated driver,” adds party co-creator Rebecca Regnier.

“We wanted to host a cocktail party so that Deb’s Twitter friends could celebrate her achievements, but we live all over the country—and all over the world. Since we met on Twitter, it soon became obvious that we could use Twitter, the social network that brought us together in the first place to connect for a party,” said Ballard.

But the Social Media Soiree is not just about Twitter—It is about Deb who moved from a terrific job in print publishing as Executive Editor at Martha Stewart Living to an even more amazing job in digital media.

“We think her insights are valuable since so many of her friends and Twitter followers are also working to move forward in their own careers. This lets them listen in to a party conversation between Deb and other rising stars in new media. Just put up your feet, flip open your laptop and have some fun with us,” added Regnier.

I hope you'll join me and several other fabulous guests: Celebrity Garden Blogger, Margaret Roach, Social Media Strategist, Laura Fitton, and Wendy Piersall the Founder & CEO of Sparkplugging will all be on hand for the live Webinar. Some additional Twitter Stars will be popping in with toasts for Deb Puchalla as she begins her new endeavor.