Friday, October 17, 2008

Can I influence you to comment?

Geoff Livingston wrote a great post today in which he published 4 social media primers that were presented at a recent PRSA workshop in DC.  I highly recommend reading his post and downloading the decks on:
As the co-author of  Now is Gone,  Geoff definitely knows his stuff and is a great writer. You should have it in your social media library.

I really enjoyed the Influencer Relations deck.  Geoff's guidance was right in line with a project that I worked on this spring for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA). Led by chairmen, Sean O'Driscoll of CGT Consulting, Brad Fay of Keller Fay, and Steve Hershberger of  Comblu our committee created an Influencer Handbook that focused on documenting best practices in influencer marketing and engagement.

The high-powered committee was comprised of many influencer experts: Idil Cakim of Golin Harris, Erik Rabasca of PHD-US, Filiberto Selvas of Avenue A-Razorfish, Scott Carpenter of Callaway Golf , Tarah Remington of WOMMA and myself.

The Influencer Handbook is a great document that I encourage you to read.  The Influencer Handbook aims to provide practitioners with the following information:
• Definition of an influencer and influencer marketing
• Types of influencers
• Methods to engage and thank influencers
• Guidelines for influencer self-regulation
• Bibliography of influencer communication research and practice

WOMMA is also soliciting feedback, so please let them know your thoughts.  Unfortunately, Monday is the deadline, so do it quickly.

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