Thursday, August 7, 2008

Twitter makes the mainstream press - The hottest Web startup

A great article in Wednesday's Fortune on Twitter, The hottest Web startup! Fortune Writer, Adam Lashinsky, not only explains Twitter to his mainstream audience, but also interviews founders Jack Dorsey and Ev Williams. By the way, don't feel bad for Biz Stone as he was profiled in Conde Nast Portfolio, earlier this week.

Lashinsky covers alot of ground, moving from explanation of the service to the Summize acquisition, monetization, Fail Whale and significant milestones. The milestones cited include:
  • Jon Stewart mentioning Twitter on The Daily Show
  • Obama campaign sending out tweets to followers.
  • John Culberson and his Twitter travails in the House
  • LAFD using Twitter to track California wild fires
Regarding monetization, Lashinsky hints about the impact that Summize will have. Although no new ground is broken on how to monetize Twitter, I did learn a lot about CEO Jack.  He meets with a CEO coach weekly, has removed his nose ring, but still sports a forearm length tattoo of an F-sharp (symbol of an integral for all of you calculus deficients).