Sunday, June 1, 2008

Twitter's out of this world

Great article in Saturday's NY Times on the Mars lander and its use of Twitter. There are currently 15,078 Twitter followers of MarsPhoenix. Unfortunately, the Phoenix isn't following anyone. I guess it doesn't need any conversation up in space. The MarsPhoenix account is managed by Veronica McGregor of Jet Propulsion Labs. Veronica has been answering all questions addressed to @MarsPhoenix. The trip to Mars took a mere 9 months! I'm sure many of us are interested in the expedition. And probably just as many are excited about the novelty of being "tweeted" from Mars. The Mars lander touched Martian soil for the first time yesterday. More information about the mission can be found on Nasa's Phoenix site. Biz and the gang seem pretty proud that Nasa is tweeting from Mars.

Update: Marta Strickland of Organic's Three Minds blog has also blogged about her new friend, the Mars lander.