Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reading is fundamental

I remember growing up those public service announcements called Reading is Fundamental that encouraged parents to get their children to read. I'm not sure if the program had an impact on my parents, but I certainly am an avid reader. Hey, this is a blog about twitter. Are we going OT already? Of course not! One of the joys of twitter for me is the fact that so many authors are active in the community. And it's not just technology or even business. This morning I learned that one of my favorite cookbook authors, David Lebovitz, has been on twitter. Of course, I started following him and sent him a note. And as a true member of the community, he answered. You can learn more about David on his blog or check out his latest book, The Perfect Scoop.

A few of my other favorite authors on twitter that I have conversations with:
Of course, there are many other popular and prolific authors on Twitter, but these are my favorites. Who's yours?


amanda said...

Not exactly an author in the sense that you're talking about... but I'm now one degree away Martha Stewart since one of my twitter peeps is the "chief worker bee" from marthastewart.com.

Warren said...

Very cool, the brains (and pen) behind Martha!