Friday, June 27, 2008

I'd like to see my replies, but I did learn something

In the never ending quest for performance stabilization, twitter is staying up, but we have lost the capability to see replies via the web or any of the desktop clients like Twhirl. How annoying! 

Clicking on the replies tab in twitter will return a pop-up,

"Twitter is stressing out a bit, so this feature is temporarily disabled".

One benefit has been the use of summize which provides a much richer experience. All you need to do is type your twitter name into the summize searchbox with the @sign in front. If you don't put the @sign in front, then you will see your own tweets.   This is equivalent to the archive tab on twitter, which does work.  Not only does summize work, but I think it works better than twitter.  It finds your name, even when it is placed in a series of names which twitter has trouble with.  Also, I realized that many times your name is misspelled in a reply and you can find these situations very easily with summize which you couldn't find in twitter.  For example, I found the following misspellings of my simple twitter name, warrenss: 

  1. warrens

  2. warenss

  3. warremss

  4. warens

Have you ever tried that?--you may be surprised.  Hopefully the replies tab will be working soon, but in the interim, take advantage of the summize features.