Monday, June 2, 2008

Going, going, gone

The twitter community is full of very creative people. Jennifer Leggio is one such person. Jennifer or @Mediaphyter as we know her, is very focused on helping out a great cause, Team in Training, the fundraising arm of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which funds medical research for blood cancer cures and provides patient and family support programs. Rather than a bake sale or car wash, she came up with the great idea to auction off some of the top names in social media (and twitter). As Jennifer describes it, you can buy yourself a social media guru. Five top social media consultants will offer their time to the highest bidder on ebay. So who are these charitable leaders?
The auctions expire on June 6th, so you still have time to put in a bid. Hopefully, we will deviate from standard ebay bidding behavior and not wait until the last minute to submit our bid. Remember, it is for a charity. The twitter and social media community has come out strongly in verbal support with many tweets, diggs, and blog posts. Perhaps all of the dialog is occurring in the social media fishbowl. Let's find a way to reach out to those outside of it, and make some big bids. It's for a worthy cause.


Vicky H said...

Only 3 days left!

This is a great post reminding people of the great things that can be accomplished on twitter while also highlighting some of of our tweeps and their generosity to give back!

We need to get the word out to raise more money for cancer and get the bids a litter higher.

Great job.

Vicky H

Aaron Strout said...


Thanks man. Really appreciate the kind words and your helping to spread the good word! We have an opportunity to do a great thing here (thanks to @mediaphyter for spearheading the charge). Now let's get those bids in and raise some money to fight leukemia!!!

Aaron | @astrout

Warren said...

Vicky and Aaron,

Thanks for the kind words. It most certainly is a great cause. I hope our community rises to the occasion and supports it generously.

amanda said...

That is super cool! Team in Training is a wonderful cause and the Nike Women's Marathon is supposed to be a great race.